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Thank you for your interest and visiting Jock Voelzke Photography. Having had the great fortune of getting to explore my passion behind the lens from a very early age.  My life time desire for bringing outstanding and memorable images to my clients has taken me across the globe photographing Professional sports, Commercial advertising, Web design images, Editorial, Mammals, Birds, Aviation, Portraits, Concert Photography and many other genres.

While behind the camera I have several goals in mind. First and foremost of these is that no photograph is worth compromising the beauty of nature or the many that inhabit it. The second is to capture and bring to each print the incredible color, passion and splendor that we experience each time we view the remarkable wonders this world has to offer us. Bringing my clients the excitement, branding and desire that everyone looks for in the images I am contracted to provide for them.

So whether I am shooting Commercial work, Landscapes, Portraits or the many other areas my camera takes me, the ultimate goal is to translate my vision, or that of my clients, to a print that ultimately touches the heart of the viewer. For the last several years I have been shooting entirely digital. Thank you to folks at Nikon, Epson, Wacom for all of their support.

Please email me with any questions you may have regarding equipment, posts or techniques. May all of your photographs be filled with the dreams, desires and passion that fill your heart.